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Kelli & John’s Colony Hotel Wedding | Kennebunkport, ME

I’ve known Kelli since we were little girls playing dress up and getting into mischief.  We were even had the coolest best friends necklaces ever, they were cats who’s tails twisted together.  Yup we were those cool kids.   As the years have gone by we haven’t seen much of one another but I think we’ve both always known that no matter what we were friends.  When Kelli asked me if I would photograph her and John’s wedding in Kennebunk I didn’t even have words to express how honored I was let alone how excited I was.

The morning of their late June wedding arrived and the weather was perfect.  Sun shining, a light breeze coming in off the water and crystal blue skies.  It was the perfect day and John is the perfect man for Kelli.  I had so much fun with these two and could not be happier to have been able to document their love and the start of their lives together.



Johanna & Andrew’s Winter Whitney’s Inn Wedding, Jackson NH

Robert Frost says “you can’t get too much winter in the winter” and I think if everyday was a winter wedding day like Johanna & Andrews I would have to agree.

With freshly fallen snow, the bright sun to warm our icy cheeks and an abundance of love Andrew and Johanna celebrated with friends and family to start their life together with the new year!  Whitney’s Inn is always beautiful but in the winter it transforms into the most cozy and romantic setting surrounded by laughter and twinkly lights!  Thank you two so much for being troopers in the cold and for sharing your love with all of those around you!  I couldn’t think of a better way to kick of 2014!


It’s one of those days.

My mind won’t stop running.  Not jogging, not walking, not even race walking (can we pause for a moment and all picture a race walker- it’s just funny!  and incase you have never seen one:   ).  My mind is literally running – I’m trying to keep up by writing notes down as I go but my brain keeps flipping from one topic to another.  One moment I’m thinking about 2014′s wedding calendar and then the next I’m thinking about an idea for an inspiration shoot, how I need to order more film, the list of items in my adorama cart that keeps growing as I plan my dark room, then all the sudden I switched gears and I’m thinking about real estate and flipping a house, then dreams of building my own home then I realize it’s been 5 mins since I took a sip of my coffee and it’s almost cold now.  sad.  Maybe I should have gone with decaf today.

With the new year comes new ideas, hopes, inspiration and change.  I’ve always been the girl who had the list of resolutions all written out on a pretty note pad with stars drawn all up and down the margins of the page.   Then by the second week of January that list is under piles of paper and boxes and an empty coffee cup on my desk descended to be forgotten until June when I do a massive cleaning and unearth the list.  At that point I can often check a few things off the list- you know the ones I put on there knowing they would happen.  The ones you wrote on there just so you could check them off.  Then when I look at the rest of the list my heart sinks a little because I realize that I’ve almost totally lost sight of that list of goals, ideas, inspirations.  Well this year I’ve decided to try to keep that list in front of me, no getting buried under papers and empty coffee cups.  So where is this list… well in lots of places!  It’s the background on my phone (which I’m sure I spend more time looking at then anything else. It’s printed out hanging on my wall in my office and it’s on my fridge.  I won’t loose sight of it this year.  I also have decided to not be sad or feel defeated if my goals change and things on the list are crossed off, not because they are compete or done but because they are no longer goals.  Goals change.  And thats OK.

So here’s to a new year full of crazy ideas that change on a whim, goals that may or may not be completed but that are inspirational none the less and to thinking about the next step and not the end.



Sara & Patrick’s Whitney’s Inn Wedding | Jackson, NH

‘He explained that he wanted to propose on the beach because we both love to travel and since there are beaches and oceans all over the world, there would be hundreds of places we could celebrate our engagement… He had woven a piece of grass from my childhood home and a piece of grass from his childhood home to symbolize our two families joining together’.   


Sara & Patrick  had the perfect November day for their wedding.  The sun was shining and the light was absolutely beautiful.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen two people more in love and more happy to start their lives together.  Every time you saw these two on their wedding day they were smiling from ear to ear.  From the letters they each sent to one another that morning to the laughter on the dance floor- every moment was about love and happiness.

Congrats you two- thanks so much for allowing me to end my 2013 wedding season with two of my favorite people!



Mary Marantz - So pretty! LOVE those tea can centerpieces!!


Rediscovering Film

Under the christmas tree in 1997 was a Pentax K1000 with my name on it.  Opening that gift, I literally jumped for joy.  I had spent the previous summer at summer camp in the dark room learning the basics of black and white photography.  I remember just how the cool damp air smelled with a hint of fixer in the air, the first time I saw an image that I created appeared just beneath the surface of the developer.  That was the feeling of pure joy.  With my Pentax in hand I spent all four years of high school playing in the dark room.  As a freshmen I couldn’t get into a real photography class but due to my unwavering persistence Mr. Strom allowed a friend of mine and myself to pay the lab fee and spend our after school hours in the lab taking an informal photo class, and from then on I never left.

The question every high school kid hears regularly though out their 4 years is “What do you want to study in college”? I personally always hated that question.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I had thought about marine biology (like most girls my age the dream of swimming with dolphins was high on the list) but when it came down to it science was interesting but I wasn’t passionate about it.  The only thing I could ever say I was truly passionate about was photography.  So at some point along the way I started answer that college question with “Art” or “Photography”.  Quite often my answer was met with a surprised look that often reminded me of pity.  I could see it in their eyes “this poor girl is going to spend a fortune to study art and then end up working in a restaurant”.  And truth be told, I never figured that I would truly make a living with art – but I didn’t care.

Years later I am still in shock that I have a successful business using my degree- who would have thought!  But today everything is digital.  No more darkroom, no more printing my own images by hand or developing my own film.  The magic of photography that won my heart all those years ago is no longer a big part of todays photography world.  So I have decided to take some time in 2014 and dig back into my photography roots and rediscover shooting and developing film.  I’ll still be shooting with my digital cameras for weddings and some portrait sessions but I’m going to branch out into film and also build a darkroom at my home where I can develop my own film and print my own images.  No more uploading to a lab, now many of my prints will be hand made with real photographic paper and chemicals!!!

I am BEYOND excited about this change in my business.  Of course I’m not making this a 100% switch but I’m excited to work this into my business as well as work on some personal projects.  It’s time to rediscover my love for film and my passion for hands on photography.  So stay tuned as I plan to document the whole process here on my blog and on my Facebook page, from buying film, building my dark room and of course making prints!



Photo Credit: Behind The Curtain 


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