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Julie & Chris | brownfield, maine {wedding}

Julie is possibly the most creative and artistic person I know.  Ever since we were little kids I’ve known this girl was going places.  With a hugely successful fashion blog (Orchid Grey) Julie is taking the fashion world by storm.  Because of her creativity and hard work Julie’s wedding was full of killer DIY details that had me snapping thousands of photos.  I have been looking forward to this wedding for months and being able to be there to capture every detail and smile of Julie’s wedding day was truly an honor.

Julie & Chris were married at Julie’s childhood home.

The vintage typewriter guest book.

I know all of Julie’s thousands of blog followers have been dying to know what she was wearing as a wedding dress.  Julie saw this dress in the window at a consignment shop and scooped it up before she was even engaged.  This Betsey Johnson made the perfect wedding dress.  Don’t even get me started on her shoes- ugggh so pretty I may or may not have taken over 100 images of these shoes… can you blame me???

Trying to be budget savvy Julie did all the flowers herself- with the help of her bridesmaids and other family and friends.  They ordered some of the flowers from Sam’s Club and gathered the rest of the wildflowers from the side of the road the day before the wedding.  I am blown away by this girls talent… fashion blogger turned wedding planner and florist?

I’m very impressed that any of the images of the ceremony are in focus- thank god for auto focus or they would all be blurry.  I was crying like a baby.

How stinkin’ cute are they?

Oh the desserts!!!!  They had pie, cake, cupcakes and more.  All homemade.  I love the little “XO” and heart details on top of the pies.

What a fabulous wedding!!!!!  The party lasted long into the night with loads of fun and dancing.  Thank you Julie & Chris from the bottom of my heart-  There is no where else I would have rather been, then with the two of  you as you started and celebrated your lives together.


Julie O'Boyle - Spring, we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer! These are beautiful! ps- I spy Silas!

Deborah Zoe - hahaha I played “Where’s Silas” after seeing Julie’s comment:) I LOVE the one where he is picking her up, beautiful job Spring:)

Anya - I LOVE THESE!!! The details are perfect…

diane smith - love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!

Kelley - That dress and those shoes…le sigh

Suzie - a lovely diy wedding.

Emma G - Beautiful photography! Such attention to the lovely little details!

jackie - i love that they got married at her childhood home 🙂 and the wedding looks just so lovey and so precious. pretty pretty pictures 🙂

Kelly - Absolutely beautiful!

Nicole - I love the handmade touches — the wildflowers, the pies, the family home. It all feels so *them*!

Leslie - What a fabulous wedding!

Anna - I am in love with this wedding! every single detail is beyond perfect.

violetvirus - The beauty of the wedding and the bride & groom would have been unseen by people like us if not for a wonderful photographer like you…those are some really beautiful photos! Kudos!

deanna - my husband and i eloped, but if we had had a wedding, i hope it would have been as beautiful as this one! julie looks so gorgeous. also, i need to add that i know a girl named summer smith. 🙂

holly - Such a beautiful and personal wedding!

lori rose - friends with orchid grey on facebook….love her style ,and her uniqueness…but absolutely fell in love after seeing these pics…amazing! feels like you truly captured the whole vibe perfectly.i am celebrating 10 years this week and had the big formal catholic ceremony but in my heart of hearts THIS is my wedding!many blessings!!!!

akilejna - Loving these pics!

Katie - that dessert table is amazing!

Kaydee - Every part of this wedding is perfect! I love the personal touches!

Laura - such a beautiful wedding! the diy details are amazing and so inspiring
congrats to julie and chris!

Bekah - Everything was beautiful! The photos are great!

Kate - Such an awesome wedding! Julie is a beautiful bride!!

Ali of Spinner's End - these photos are so beautiful! dressed to the nines, and they look so so happy. i especially love the black and white cigar photo of the men. so classic. what a dreamy wedding.

Melanie - I saw Julie’s blog and had to link through to see the rest of the photos. You did a beautiful job capturing their special day : )

carly - what a gorgeous wedding! i want a backyard wedding at my parents place as well. these photos gave me so much inspiration!

camilla - this looks like such a blast! Gorgeous and very romantic photography

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

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Noémie - Such a beautiful wedding! They look so happy together!

Elena - Looks like a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Love the many, many details and Julie’s gorgeous dress & bouquet.

Diana - what a beautiful wedding! I love the details and the natural,fresh and chic look !!! great job on the photos too!
love it !

evelyn - adorbs!

hayley - LOVE these pictures! Love orchid grey!

Kristen - Very pretty!

Danielle - Gorgeous EVERYTHING! What a fun day for all involved!

matea - Julie is so beautiful!!!

millie - congrats! lovely couple

Bridget - I lovelovelove the dress! The flowers are so amazing too. =]

Marta - Gorgeous photos! Julie did a fabulous job!

christina - These look so wonderful! I love the picture of Chris holding Julia up in the air for a kiss. Congrats on a fantastic wedding!

Morgan - The photos came out beautiful!

Katie J - I’ve been so looking forward to seeing these pictures, and they do not disappoint! So lovely. Especially love all the bridesmaids in pink. Huge congratulations!

Weronika - Such a nice couple, good luck!

Briony - Beautiful! What an idyllic wedding! Congratulations!

dusanabotswana - Amazing pictures; you beautiful great shots of everything, even the deserts & shoes. I love Julie’s dress so much and how happy they both look together and find the forest/meadow pictures especially romantic.

Kaetea - Absolutely stunning! What beautiful shots!

Eileen - Love the attention to details. Beautiful!

anna - now that is one charming wedding! the bride and groom look fantastic and the photography is beautiful!

kbmurray - LOVE the dress and shoes. And great photos! I like the spin on the groomsmen holding up the groom instead of the bride. Hilarious.

Ally - So beautiful!

Alix - Beautiful! Love that New England tree lines.

Mónica - So beautiful, so simple and yet full of details, the dress is so Julie, the boys’ outrfit is so funny, both shoes are beautiful, everything was beautiful.

All the best for Julie and Chris.

Elizabeth Pape - What a gorgeous wedding. I love all of her DIY details, especially the fresh flowers in cool mason jars. And the food! I am such a sucker for beautiful food pictures. I’m getting hungry now, actually..

Sara - What a beautiful wedding, and stunning photography! I have been really looking forward to seeing these photos, and everything is even more amazing then I could have thought <3

Kaitlin - So gorgeous!

Amanda - Julie your wedding and photos are gorgeous!

julia vivian - what a lovely wedding – and such lovely photos, too! i love diy weddings so very much. they just feel so much more personal. congrats, julie & chris!

Deirdre Ginley - absolutely gorgeous…captured all the great detail and vibe of the day…might just have to shoot my wedding one day!

Chris Stepler - These photos are fantastic! They do the wedding justice!

Vanessa - Oh my gawd! They are so cute – what a gorgeous wedding! It almost makes me want to cry looking at these (and I’ve never even met them – but I do follow Julie’s blog) – Just gorgeous!

Nienke - Absolutely amazing, such a beautiful wedding. And all the DIY, very impressive (and pretty ofcourse)!

Sara - Wonderful photos!! Her dress is incredible!

Jen Lula - These came out so beautiful!!! I feel so honored to have been a part of such a magical day!!

Alissa - Everyone looks so happy!! congrats julie and chris! also – some of those groomsmen are pretty cute!

Lyri - I’m so happy to see these pics up! Julie has one of my favorite blogs and I had been especially looking forward to seeing these pics. The dress, the shoes, the bridesmaids, the dessert! That looks like one gorgeous yet super fun wedding.

Christina - Gorgeous photos of what looks to be an amazing day. Congratulations to everyone involved, the bride and groom especially! 🙂

lauren - Everything is gorgeous. . . I’m taking notes for when i get married.

Katlyn - Love the little touches like to XO in the pie. Beautiful!

Bea - This is so beautiful. I love everything about it.

Brianne - I love everything about this wedding and the pictures do such an amazing job of capturing the details of their special day. Congrats Julie and Chris!!

Jannine - Loved that dress.

Maria Elyse - Oh. my. goodness. What a gorgeous wedding, Julie! Congrats! ♥

Sara - Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Looks like everyone had a blast too!

kate - Love love love everything about this wedding. Perfect

Caroline Agsten - So great! I love the homey, creative, casual feel. I would love if my wedding had a bit of this magical touch!

Amber - Awesome!!

Katie - Oh my goodness, how beautiful! The flowers look amazing yet perfectly relaxed. Just gorgeous!

the clothes horse - absolutely stunning; both the couple & the wedding details themselves 🙂

Natanya - The dessert table shots are fantastic. Mmm I just might have pie at my wedding too!

yoyos - So impressed, such a beautiful and personal wedding. Great photos too.

kimberly - STUNNING photos! amazing everything! makes me want to have another wedding!

Devon - Great photos! Love the pink!

Breanne - I love your photos and I love all the details that went into her wedding! Gorgeous.

Punky - Best wedding eva!

Bex - I don’t think that dress could have been more perfect if it tried!

Jen - Absolutely beautiful photos!!! I am in love with her dress, she looks amazing.

Elise - Wow, this looks like such a lovely day, the pictures are amazing! 🙂

KimberlyAlsp - This looks like such a fun wedding! You did a great job capturing it, I feel like I was there!

KeRRi - What a LOVELY wedding! You did an amazing job capturing the small moments! LOVE LOVE LOVE! 🙂 (Julie had better put those red shoes in a safe place… b/c I WANT THEM!)

shelby h.k. - so beautiful!!


Sara - Such amazing photos! 🙂

DB - Such a cute wedding!!

Melissa - What a beautiful wedding!!! Love all of the DIY details!

Mary Marantz - LOVE!! I adore the string around the centerpieces holding everything together!!

caramia - this wedding is so fab. great photos, too 🙂

cld - what a gorgeous wedding — love the styling, photography, and uniqueness of it all! great taste in the bouquet as well — i’m not a huge pink person, but i love it!

most importantly, who is the groomsman in the single photo to the left of chris holding the bouquet? and is he single? :] haha, i had to ask!

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